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  • |ES| Ciudades de papel (LATINO)
  • |GR| Lovesick (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Wackness (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Bohemian Rhapsody (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Ithaca (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Begin Again (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Trust (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Tribes of Palos Verdes (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Saving Flora (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Devil's Own (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Teen Spirit (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Skin Trade (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Village (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Long Good Friday (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Business (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| William & Kate (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Last Letter from Your Lover (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Das Boot (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Hidden Figures (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| I, Daniel Blake (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Serena (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Silver Linings Playbook (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Best of Me (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| 8 Mile (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| How Do You Know (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Sisters Brothers (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Bram Stoker's Dracula (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Whole Truth (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Mothers and Daughters (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Edge of Winter (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Collateral Beauty (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Devil's Island (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Blind Side (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Under the Silver Lake (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Fireflies in the Garden (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Mary Shelley (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Current War (MULTISUB)
  • |ALB| The Zookeepers Wife (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Revolutionary Road (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Hotel Rwanda (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Counselor (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Attila (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Saint Judy (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Wackness (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| If I Stay (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Manchester by the Sea (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Baked in Brooklyn (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Killing of a Sacred Deer (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Life is Beautiful (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Pretty Woman (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Traitor (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Please Come With Me (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Colonia (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Passengers (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Age of Adaline (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Good Lie (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| To the Bone (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Hurt Locker (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Founder (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Great Gatsby (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Are We There Yet? (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| How Do You Know Chris? (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Babadook (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| All Eyez on Me (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| mother! (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Help (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Social Network (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Radio Flyer (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| The Miracle Season (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Burnt (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Gone Baby Gone (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Apollo 13 (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Paper Towns (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Chloe and Theo (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Jackie (MULTISUB)
  • |GR| Billionaire Boys Club (MULTISUB)