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  • |EN| Highlander III: The Sorcerer (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Highlander II: The Quickening (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Highlander (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Devil's Island (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Top Gun (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| The Star Chamber (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| The Exorcist III (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| RoboCop 2 (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Jaws (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Demolition Man (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Capricorn One (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Blue Thunder (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Predator 2 (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Fire in the Sky (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| The Exorcist (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Coma (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Das Boot (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Colossus: The Forbin Project (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Contact (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Jacobs ladder (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| What We Did on Our Holiday (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| The Buddy Holly Story (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Deep Red (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Halloween town (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Young Frankenstein (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| The Rocky Horror Picture Show (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Beetlejuice (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Three Colors: White (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| The Ten Commandments (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Three Colors: Red (MULTISUB)
  • |EN| Three Colors: Blue (MULTISUB)